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Brigid Hubberman

Robin Elliott
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Announcing “Harvest of Quilts at Triphammer Marketplace”

A Quilt Sale, Walk, and Auction to Support the Upcoming Community Quilting Resource Center & Finger Lakes ReUse

When: Saturday, September 11th to Sunday, October 4th
Where: Triphammer Marketplace (2255 N Triphammer Rd Ithaca NY 14850)
What: A Quilt Sale, Walk, and Auction to Support the Upcoming Community Quilting Resource Center & Finger Lakes ReUse

ITHACA, NY… Local quilt maker, collector, and longtime community supporter Peggy Dunlop has generously committed a beautiful collection of over 100 quilts and more to support the establishment of a Community Quilting Resource Center (CQRC), in partnership with Finger Lakes ReUse.  Harvest of Quilts will be held at Triphammer Marketplace, 2255 N. Triphammer Rd, Ithaca NY 14850, beginning on Saturday, September 12th and going through Sunday, October 4th, from 10 am to 6 pm each day. Peggy’s quilts will be featured in a Super Quilt Sale, and a Quilt Walk and Silent Auction.

Quilt Walk and Silent Auction will feature small quilts and wall hangings displayed in Triphammer Marketplace shop windows. This is a great activity for physically-distant times, just in time for the beginning of the cooler weather season. Free and open to all, this event invites families and quilt collectors to walk through the Marketplace, view quilts, and bid for favorites online at Finger Lakes ReUse website:

Super Quilt Sale at ReUse’s Triphammer Locations (Triphammer ReUse Center and ReUse Community Hardware) at the same time will offer close to 100 bed-sized quilts, bed coverings, and more than 100 beautiful fabric tablecloths for sale, while they last!

All proceeds from this combined event will benefit the upcoming Community Quilting Resource Center (CQRC) and Finger Lakes ReUse. 

The vision of the Community Quilting Resource Center is of a space where all community members can have access to quilting materials, tools, and inspiration to create quilts and sew for personal or economic benefit, especially those with limited access to the multitude of quilting benefits otherwise.

Peggy Dunlop describes it thusly, “To open the door to quiltmaking, creating access to quilting and sewing for all, regardless of personal resources.” 

For Finger Lakes ReUse, this is a mission-aligned opportunity to keep beautiful, valuable materials in local hands and engage more people in creative reuse. “Reuse has an under-recognized impact in fostering human health through the deceptively simple act of keeping items in use and out of the waste stream. The Community Quilting Resource Center will create space for this healing in creative, engaging ways, while keeping used valuable materials accessible, and we are delighted to host these events to help make it a reality,” says Robin Elliott, Associate Director at Finger Lakes ReUse.

“Peggy and Dave Dunlop have been community and reuse champions for the whole 56 years since they’ve lived in their home in Brooktondale,” says Brigid Hubberman who is leading the effort to honor Peggy’s community quilting dream. “Now as the Dunlop’s downsize it is especially generous that Peggy would gift her collection of quilts to benefit others in such a remarkable way, but also we are tremendously grateful that she would help perpetuate the art and craft of quiltmaking in Ithaca and Tompkins County by ensuring access to the skill-building and resources needed to begin to quilt and sew.” 

Quilts for sale will be available 7 days a week at Finger Lakes ReUse’s Triphammer Marketplace locations, open 10 am – 6 pm, beginning September 12, 2020. The Quilt Auction will also go live on ReUse’s website the same day and final bids must be placed before 6:00 on 10/4. Please see for more information as it becomes available.  Please email, or call 607.227.3360 with questions.

About the Community Quilting Resource Center
The Community Quilting Resource Center (CQRC) will be a space designed especially to inspire and support a culture of quilt making and other forms of fabric creation. With an emphasis on “opening the door” to quiltmaking and sewing,  everyone will find the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed in their first quilting and fabric art endeavors.

To make a donation directly to support the establishment of the Community Quilting Resource Center, please donate to Finger Lakes ReUse at and leave us a note denoting your restriction of funds for this great initiative.

About Finger Lakes ReUse
Finger Lakes ReUse is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operating community-friendly ReUse Centers featuring building materials, furniture, electronics, in an effort to expand the reuse of materials, provide job training opportunities, create living-wage jobs; improve the local standard of living, and teach repair and reuse skills. ReUse builds community, strengthens the local economy, and protects the environment by redirecting materials away from landfills and into productive reuse. For more information, visit

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Photos: Quilts!  Peggy Dunlop, Quilt in store windows, any shot you would like! 

Interviews with or additional quotes from: Peggy Dunlop – quilt and reuse champion, Diane Cohen – Finger Lakes ReUse Executive Director, Robin Elliott – Finger Lakes ReUse Associate Director, Brigid Hubberman- CQRC volunteer community organizer