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WHEN: April 26-29, 2021

WHERE: Ithaca ReUse Center – 214 Elmira Road

WHO: Audra Linsner, Artist. Finger Lakes ReUse and Ithaca Murals.

ITHACA, NY… Finger Lakes ReUse and Ithaca Murals are excited to announce a mural reflecting themes of reuse impacts that connect to at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the fourth mural project out of five planned at the Ithaca ReUse Center and box trucks since last year. This project is directly supported by an Environmental Justice Community Impact Grant, provided by the Environmental Protection Fund as administered by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Artist Audra Linsner has taken on the ambitious project to visualize all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a colorful and engaging mural inside the Ithaca ReUse Center.

Audra Linsner shared the following artist statement about the mural:

“This mural for ReUse felt like such a unique and amazing opportunity. I wanted to create something that embodied the organization while also emphasizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As everyone has experienced, the past year has been incredibly difficult and draining for so many reasons. With the recent murder of Duante Wright (and many more Black and other marginalized folks at the hands of white supremacy), it felt a bit out of place to imagine this sort of idyllic world of the 17 goals. But it forced me to realize that there are people out there, all over the globe (like the wonderful people of ReUse!) who work day in and day out to implement change. In a way, this is a small testament to those changemakers and a reminder to us all that we have to put in the work to make a better society a reality. “

More details about this project can be found at

About Audra Linsner

Audra Linsner is a muralist and graphic designer from Clifton Springs, NY. She has a penchant for all things typography and draws a good deal of inspiration from vintage designs. In her spare time, she loves eating ice cream, blasting 80s tunes, and taking a million pictures of her 4 month old nephew. Visit

About Finger Lakes ReUse

Finger Lakes ReUse is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operating three locations open daily to the public (ReUse MegaCenter – 2255 N Triphammer Rd, ReUse Caboose – 700 W. Buffalo St, and Ithaca ReUse Center – 214 Elmira Rd) in an effort to expand the reuse of materials, provide job training opportunities, create living-wage jobs; improve the local standard of living, and teach repair and reuse skills. In the course of achieving these goals, ReUse builds community, strengthens the local economy, and protects the environment by redirecting materials away from landfills and into productive reuse. For more information, visit

About Ithaca Murals

Ithaca Murals is a network of people transforming gray walls into beautiful, meaningful works of art that tell the stories of the diverse people who live here and what we care about.  We implement a cultural arts strategy for decolonizing public space to impact passersby and normalize justice into our mainstream. Specifically, Ithaca Murals provides support to rising artists, designs and prints free mural maps, leads mural tours, operates a muralist lending library of paint and tools, and will soon be launching a fun local mural app.  For more information, visit


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