Super ReUser Jon Jensen shared this fantastic creative reuse project with us from November 2018. In his own words, here’s the story of this do-it-yourself Door House:

“The project started with my desire to try my hand at building a small playhouse.  It was built for Sadie and Emma, our next door neighbor children.  It mushroomed a bit from 4′ x 6′ to 6′ x 8′ and from one story to two stories to accommodate reuse by the parents as a shed after the girls grow up. I framed it with new wood and roofing, but used 15 doors from the Ithaca ReUse Center, along with 18 knobs, trim, window, stepladder, hardware and tabletop.

The diagonal window on the front is a cabinet face with the center cut out. Other features include a Dutch door (the only door that works) a six-paned window from Mindy VanderVen’s grandmother’s house in Montana, a loft with ladder cut down from a stepladder and railing from the kid’s baby crib, and a bench window seat with storage utilizing a former Finger Lakes ReUse sales countertop and leftover cabinet door from Foster Custom Kitchens.

(photos provided)

It would still be sitting in my driveway were it not for the skill of the Amish movers and the bravery of our neighbors Brian and Mindy as the movers maneuvered it by their house and well head and tucked it between the trees. Brian built a superb base for the house as it sits near the edge of a 30′ cliff to the creek below.”

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