Julia bakes cookies to thank the Fixers Collective (Photo provided)

Late this past fall, Julia, an enthusiastic customer of Finger Lakes ReUse, heard about the Fixers and brought in her beloved countertop oven. “I was so upset that it wasn’t working, as I use it every single day!” She tells us. “They’re so expensive new, I don’t want to throw it away and get a new one if we can fix this.”

Julia brought her oven in, and in an hour or so, the Fixers had deduced the problem. They looked up the part needed and Julia was able to order it online. After a couple of weeks, Julia’s husband brought in the oven and the new part. The Fixers were able to show him how to install the part and, when Julia got back from traveling out of town, she had a working oven and a lot of gratitude.

“I use this every day, and really wanted to show everyone how grateful I was that they not only helped fix something important to me, they showed us how and what to look at if it were to happen again.”

So this past Saturday, Julia brought her beloved oven to the Fixer’s Collective and used it to bake fresh, homemade cookies for everyone who helped out. They were incredible, and we’re sorry that there weren’t more to share with the staff.

From Julia and Husband: “Thanks to the Fixers and ReUse for all that you do!”

At Finger Lakes ReUse, we are dedicated to promoting the maximum reuse of materials and reducing waste in our community. Our Fixers Collective is just one way by offering to teach people how to fix items themselves. We’re so glad that the Fixers could help Julia and her husband fix their beloved oven, and even happier that they got to enjoy some delicious homemade cookies as a result. 

The Fixers Collective meet Saturdays at ReUse MegaCenter from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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