Noah is one of our hard-working and reliable Retail Attendants that keeps our locations running smoothly. Noah has been working with us since November of 2020, coming up on 2 years now. 

Noah discussed his experience working at Ithaca ReUse Center, and had some wise noticings to share. When asked what he feels the biggest challenge he has faced working at ReUse has been, he said, “Working with people from all different backgrounds. ReUse has presented me with an honest lens of the world, and at times has forced me to reexamine my biases.” In one word, Noah described the ReUse as “quirky.” 

Noah works in donation intake and materials processing, so he has an up-close understanding of the volume of materials we receive at ReUse. Noah noted “I passively understood that materials were wasted everyday, but [working at] ReUse brought the physical manifestation of that into my conscience, and has made me more aware of my personal impact in creating waste.” Noah feels that he brings a sense of rationale and reason to the team, and when asked what he hopes for the future of ReUse, Noah said, “I hope ReUse continues to evolve and grow, and expand its mission, for it is a good one.” 

Outside of work, Noah is “seriously passionate about the outdoors.” He enjoys long walks, bike rides, camping, and hiking with his friends. Noah’s favorite part of working at ReUse is “getting to find awesome junk all the time!” 

Thank you Noah for sharing your experience at ReUse with us and all of the hard work you contribute to the team!!