Olivia is a retail attendant at the ReUse MegaCenter. She began working with us in January 2022, coming up on one year. She typically
works in the cashier position or stocks household goods.

She noted that her favorite thing about being apart of team ReUse is the flexibility, as she is in school and participates in sports as well. Working at ReUse has helped her learn how to interact and work with new people in
the public.

When asked what she has learned about waste reduction or reuse in general while working at FLR, Olivia said that she has learned that “there are a lot of things people reuse, and [things people] look to purchase used.”

Olivia believes that the idea of ReUse should be spread to new communities to help keep items in circulation and out of landfills. In her free time, Olivia plays lacrosse and enjoys doing puzzles. Thanks Olivia for sharing your experience and for all of your hard work!

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