Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown

Treasurer and Secretary

Patricia Brown is the president of Integrated Business Ventures, Inc., an M&A advisory firm located in Ithaca, NY. She has been a sales and marketing professional, both in the field and in executive leadership positions for 33 years; for the past eighteen years she has provided services germane to the M&A  process.

For her mergers & acquisitions clients, Patty is actively involved in every phase of an engagement: assessment of the current business organization and management team, development of clients’ Confidential Business Profile, all marketing functions unique to each assignment, and in the collection and flow of all information to assure the successful execution of each business transaction. She also serves the Company’s exit-planning clients in business value creation by providing expertise in the development and execution of sound commercial processes, operations, and strategic planning.


“Since moving to the Ithaca area eleven years ago, my business partner Michael Matteson and I have had the good fortune to serve clients in a number of businesses in the area and to also meet and work with a number of other service providers here. To this end, we took on the engagement to assist Finger Lakes Reuse and ultimately to help engender in this not-for-profit entity a traditional “business-centric” dimension to drive profitability and implement business practices that positively affect long-term growth objectives.

What happened to me with the FLR project took on an even deeper meaning due to the connection I felt with your environmental and social mission and with a culture that truly values individual diversity – of experiences, talent, ideas, background, identity, and personal destiny. And a culture that embraces change with a positive outlook and with a vision for a better world through stewardship of the land and of our greater community. I want to be a part of this!”