Azurite started at ReUse as a ReSET Apprentice last year. They were recently hired to be a Retail Assistant.

What drew you to working at ReUse & How long have you been working at ReUse? 

I was drawn by the mission because I really care about the Earth. I have since learned that other states are looking at our model, and that’s important to me because I don’t like any waste and I try to be as eco-friendly as I can and I know others want to be that way too. 

I have been an apprentice since October 2022 and I was recently hired as a ReUse employee as of May 2023! Before Oct 2022, I worked for a branch of Challenge Workforce and was paid through them to work at the Ithaca store on Elmira road. I’ve come a long way since March of 2022!   

What is your favorite part of working at ReUse?

The staff at ReUse is amazing. We can have a lot of fun while being serious about our jobs. I love working for Sarah (location manager at ReUse MegaCenter). She has helped me become the person I want to be (open, confident and excited to come to work). I have really grown as a person during my internship (thanks to Suzanne, my workforce coordinator pushing me to do better, be better and speak up for myself). I have come out of my shyness big time. 

How have you grown to understand the impacts of our mission statement (enhancing community, economy, and environment through reuse) through your work? 

Enhancing community: We are taking lots of things off of the potential landfill load and allowing others in the community to reuse instead of adding to that massive problem. I have also learned that a lot of workers are volunteers and interns and I really appreciate their time, help, and generosity. This willingness to volunteer at ReUse enhances community because more people are becoming aware of our mission, therefore more people are re-sing!  

Economy: Reusing affects our local economy by allowing people to buy almost anything brand new at a lower price.  

Environment: I have learned that just by looking at all the things coming in and out of our stores how much this affects our environment by keeping items out of our landfill.

What do you feel you bring to the ReUse team? 

I bring passion for the earth and compassion for staff and customers. Passion for keeping things out of the landfill drives me every day to do a good job and learn even more.

Tell us a few fun facts about yourself?  

I like to garden. I am currently doing an indoor apartment garden! I like art, I like crystals and I like to dye my hair lots of fun bright colors with vegan products because it makes me feel good. 

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