Dina started at ReUse in 2022 as a Retail Assistant. She is currently the Production Supervisor at ReUse MegaCenter.

How long have you been working at ReUse? Have you always been in the position you are in now?

“I have worked at Reuse for a little over 2 years as a Retail Assistant this quickly expanded out into DI, clothing and processing household material . [My] current position is Production Supervisor and jumping into any given position that may require assistance, at any given moment.”

What is your favorite part of working at ReUse?

“My favorite part of Reuse is a combination of variables. Working as part of a global solution is crucial. Being a part of and witnessing the evolution of amazing teamwork with love, peace, cooperation, respect, honesty and harmony, seeing this in action and having a great time while doing all of it.“

How have you grown to understand the impacts of our mission statement (Enhancing Community, Economy, and Environment Through Reuse) through your work?

“I love learning and discussing the energetic impact we all have on each other and our environment: bringing personal power back to each individual, how to heal in more holistic ways, etc. I have had a lifelong love for reusing since the age of 5. [I] love creating furniture out of recycled items, interior design, renovating with building materials, jewelry, and clothing.”