Eve has been a retail assistant at Ithaca ReUse Center for almost a year.

What drew you to working at ReUse & How long have you been working at ReUse? 

I have been working at ReUse since September of 2022, and I was drawn in initially by the promise of being able to perform arduous physical labor. I have always loved shopping at Reuse. 6 months later and I’m still excited, I’ve learned so much in my short time here. 

What is your favorite part of working at ReUse?

My favorite part of working at Reuse is feeling respected as a coworker and employee. I love working in furniture. Feeling like I have a responsibility over the sales floor, and the ability to collaborate and decide where things should go is very rewarding. I do really love picking stuff up and movin’ it, that part is great. I’ve been able to learn a bit about bicycles and mechanics through my work as well, which is exciting! 

What have you learned about the community or the concept of reuse and its environmental impacts since working here? 

I have grown to appreciate just how much the community can benefit from Reuse, especially when people can find things they really need at a price they may actually be able to afford. I believe we have a responsibility to put very low prices on otherwise expensive and niche items, especially those that help with health or mobility. In this way, we can directly help people who cannot afford expensive medical equipment. Things like wheelchairs, steps, and shower chairs can really make a difference for some people! In respect to our mission statement, I’ve learned that this is one of the best ways we can help. 

What do you feel you bring to the ReUse team? 

I do my best to bring enthusiasm, energy, my brain, and my muscles to work every day. I bring my can-do attitude, at least most mornings. I have a good sense of spatial awareness and high stamina, so I’m pretty well suited to movin’ stuff around. I have a good sense of humor, and I am always able to educate my peers about bugs and insects.

Tell us a few fun facts about yourself! 

I’m a local punky ghoul. I enjoy watching ants, drawing them too. I can play 3 chords on guitar, I scream punk songs, and I walk around like I’m bigfoot out in Brooktondale. I like tabletop games and swimming. Clawing around Flatrock during a flood like a cave lizard. If you ever see me, feel free to strike up a conversation! I’ll probably try and make you laugh, and I like talking and making friends with people. Thank you Reuse, for making me feel at home.

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