Deconstruction is a green alternative to traditional demolition!

 As a result of growing environmental awareness, increasing building materials costs, and evolving legislation, the purpose of our Deconstruction Services program is to identify suitable buildings for deconstruction, safely dismantle them by hand to harvest maximum materials, and then sell the materials through our existing ReUse Center at discounted prices. By utilizing Deconstruction Services, 70% – 90% of materials are prevented from going to landfills. Finger Lakes ReUse serves Tompkins County and the surrounding counties in the Finger Lakes Region. 

As buildings will be deconstructed by hand to preserve the maximum amount of materials, a significant labor force is required. Our crew is made up of staff as well as a trained volunteer corps. All workers have been trained in safety, proper tool use and careful removal of building materials. 

Materials reclaimed from deconstruction are processed, sorted and packaged on the project site. Landscaping may even be salvaged! Materials are then transported to our warehouse for input into our inventory system, priced and placed on the sales floor for sale. Statistics are tracked and the results used to improve our approach on future projects. 

If you are interested in learning more about this program, or have a building you would like us to provide an estimate for deconstructing, please fill out the online form or contact our Deconstruction Program Coordinator directly.

  • Deconstruction has numerous benefits

  • 70% – 90% of materials diverted from local landfills

  • Salvaged materials are tax deductible

  • Creation of local green-collar jobs

  • Reduced environmental impact

  • Preserves valuable resources

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