Pickup and Delivery

Although Finger Lakes ReUse is now accepting drop-off donations at three locations, we are still offering our donation pickup service as part of ReUse’s essential service offerings.  

If you have large items that you can’t get here on your own, we’re happy to come to you. Our truck crew is typically on the road throughout the week – we will do our best to find a time to come that works with your schedule. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

* Please note: we receive many requests for this service, and we often schedule pick-ups one to two weeks from the time of request. We ask that all items for pickup be placed on a covered front porch, inside a garage with the door open or on the driveway under a tarp. This change is to support physical distancing and help ensure the safety of our workers. Our workers will also be wearing protective gloves and face masks when they arrive.

* Our workers have final say on items when they arrive for your pick-up; if an item is too heavy to be handled safely or is too damaged or in too poor condition to be resold, they may decline the donation. Tax-deductible receipts will be available for your donated items upon their arrival.

We appreciate that you are thinking of ReUse for your donation! To see a more complete list of what we can and can’t accept, please see our donation guidelines.

If you make a purchase, but don’t have a way to get it home, Finger Lakes ReUse will deliver your items for a reasonable fee, starting at $50 to any address in Tompkins County. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you to set up a time. Our truck crew is typically on the road Tuesday through Saturday – we will do our best to find a time to come that works with your schedule.

* Please note: At the moment, we will not be bringing materials inside customer’s homes. Deliveries will bring left in an open garage, on a front porch, or on the driveway in front of the house. For deliveries to apartments, we will leave the item outside the apartment building. We recommend making arrangements to move your delivered items to where you want them after our workers arrive, including finding friends or family to help, particularly if you need to move items up to a different floor. If you are purchasing a large item, please double check the measurements provided in the item’s description before purchasing, to ensure it can fit inside your door or room. We are busy and are trying to maintain an efficient schedule so we can be on time for every appointment – thanks in advance for working with us to make it all happen!

If you have questions for ReUse Transport Services, or need help filling out this form, call or text at 607-269-5340.

If you have a problem viewing the form below, please CLICK HERE to view it in a new window directly on the Google Forms portal.

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