ReMAP is a community effort at all levels.

What Is ReMAP?

Through collaboration with over 40+ human service agencies, Finger Lakes ReUse offers gift cards and free delivery of items to local households in need. Items donated to Finger Lakes Reuse are not only returned to local use through store sales but also diverted to community members facing financial and personal crises. Through the ReUse Materials Access Program (ReMAP), donated materials have a second life and make a meaningful impact in the lives of our neighbors in need.

ReMAP recipients can shop for needed materials that they would otherwise be unable to obtain, such as furniture, warm clothing, computers, household essentials, and more.


One of a Kind,

Low Barrier Access

Finger Lakes ReUse receives referrals for individuals and families from supportive caseworkers. Over the years, the program has grown, and we have been privileged to connect with many wonderful agencies working to improve the lives of our community members. In recent years, ReMAP referrals have grown exponentially due to word-of-mouth and widening economic disparity.

ReMAP is a one-of-a-kind, low-barrier program. The most common reasons people receive assistance from this program are …. We receive funds to offset 50% of the cost of goods that would otherwise be sold through this program, thanks in large part to the NYS DEC Environmental Justice Community Impact Program. This year, we anticipate receiving xx household referrals beyond our funding capacity. We cannot meet and support this need without your help.

How Donations Are Used

Your donations help local people with the buying power to purchase furniture, computer systems, household goods, appliances, or any other item they may need to get back on their feet. Every dollar donated to this program is matched in-kind by ReUse, and goes directly to local households and organizations in need of materials from our ReUse Centers! 

  • $10 can provide a family of # with financial constraints with a complete set of dishware.
  • $25 can provide a microwave or small appliance to someone moving to a new home.
  • $100 can provide a complete living room set to a family after a natural disaster.
  • $200 can provide a laptop or complete computer system to a new student in need.

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